Hi, this is zzyw. zzyw is a new media art duo founded at 2013 by Yang Wang & Zhenzhen Qi when the two got married after they met each other at ITP.

zzyw makes Digital Interactivity and Computational Artworks, if you ask in terms of what are they, they include video games, installations, apps, websites and much more.

Zhenzhen and Yang work together a lot, but they also create their own projects.


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March, 2018 La Mama Galleria, New York, NY, US: | exhibition: REFEST 2.0
Feb. 2018 3LD Art & Technology Center, New York, NY, US | exhibition: UNCOMPRESSED VOL2
Sep. 2017 Riverside Art Museum, Beijing, Chinas | exhibition: 瞳色幻想
Sep. 2017 Culture Hub, New York, NY, US | exhibition: Selfie
June, 2016 Chinatown Soup, New York, NY, US | exhibition: LENNA
May, 2016 BHQFU Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, US | exhibition: Media Land
Apr, 2016 BHQFU Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, US | exhibition: Calm Before/After the Storm
Aug, 2015 Governor’s Island, New York, NY, US | exhibition: Governor’s Island Art Festival
June, 2015 Saranac Gallery, Spokane, WA, US | exhibition: ZERO
May, 2015 The Laboratory Gallery, Spokane, WA, US | exhibition: The Introspective Game
July, 2015 FLEX Gallery, Shanghai, China | exhibition: The Introspective Game
Sep, 2014 Microsoft, New York, NY, US | exhibition: The Future Interfaces
July, 2013 Alys Beach, FL, US Digital Graffiti Finalist


2018 Mar. The Ambition of Interactive Arts 交互艺术的野心 on BLINK Magazine


Apr. 2018 ThingThingThign at Columbia University, Teacher’s College, New York, NY, US
Apr. 2018 ThingThingThign at Asia Art Archive in Ameraica, Brooklyn, NY, US
June. 2017 New Media Arts for the People at 706 Space, Beijing, China
Aug. 2017 Future Media Arts at LIDO Art Space, Guangzhou, China
May. 2017 Generative Arts at Creative Tech Week 2017, Queens, New York, US

College Teaching

2018 Art Games at Baruch College, New York, NY, US, Professor: Zhenzhen Qi
2017 to Now New Media, New Form at Columbia University, New York, NY, US, Professor: Zhenzhen Qi
Oct. 2017 Visual Programming and Interactive Arts at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Guangdong, China, Professor: Zhenzhen Qi and Yang Wang
2016 to Now Digital Interactivity at Baruch College, New York, NY, US, Professor: Zhenzhen Qi
2015 to 2016 Interactive Web at Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, NY, US, Professor: Zhenzhen Qi


Apr, 2018 电视台 Sinovision 采访 Studio Visit: ZZYW
June, 2016 Beautiful Bizarre Article
June, 2015 Shanghai International Channel Interview
June, 2015 Creative C (创意中国) Article
May, 2015 Spoksman Review Article “Out of Body Experience”


Yang Wang

Yang Wang is a new media artist based in Brooklyn, New York. As a coding artist, his computational work explores the potential of using new media technology for the purpose of artistic expression and philosophical discourse. Having professional backgrounds both in programming and art, he utilizes and interactivity and computer algorithms not only as a new way to create digital works but also as a new dimension that allows artworks to express ideas with depth and complexity.

Yang is also a professional programmer and a designer. Yang has helped many art institutions create large-scale, high-profile interactive installations. For instance, the ARTLENS Exhibition for Cleveland Museum of Art, “Emissary” Trilogy and BOB for artist Ian Cheng exhibited at MOMA PS1 and Serpentine London respectively, Interactive Kitchen for the Pirch Store at SOHO, a large-scale interactive experience Exhibit: Growth for west coast based Umpqua Bank, and many more.

Yang Wang holds a BFA of Artistic Design from University of Science and Technology, Beijing (USTB), and a MPS in Interactive Media Arts from Interactive Telecommunication Program (itp) from New York University(NYU).

Yang’s works:


Zhenzhen Qi

is a new media artist, and educator. She is fascinated by employing new media technology to create alternative realities that’s slightly bizarre, where patterns are shifted, expectations are broken, and a larger system unravels. Zhenzhen is currently a doctoral candidate at Columbia University, studying and practicing new media art education. She is an adjunct assistant professor at Baruch College, teaching Digital Interactivity since 2015.

Zhenzhen is one of the core staff that helps building the Creative Technology Certificate program in Teacher’s College, Columbia University.

Zhenzhen Qi holds a BS of Applied Mathmatics from University of California, Berkeley, and a MPS in Interactive Media Arts from Interactive Telecommunication Program (itp) from New York University(NYU).

Zhenzhen Qi’s practice blog ( ZZ’s recent experiments and teaching notes ):


Zhenzhen’s portfolio site:


About Discourse

At 2016, after they moved from Chinatown, Manhattan to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They converted their loft-y new home to an event venue Discourse.

Discourse is an independent project led by artist & designer Yang Wang and Zhenzhen Qi. Discourse hosts small-gathering discussions about New Media Art and Design. The talk usually runs for about half an hour, followed by discussions, conversations, showcase of recent projects, silly fun things, food, drink, more food etc.